Leggins "Owerdozz Green"


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Leggings MAS "Owerdozz Green" combine style and comfort. Elegant lacing, high fit, wide pulling belt - this is the highlight of this model! In it you will feel comfortable and feminine at the same time. Special strong fabric with the use of Coolmax technology provides you with confidence when doing stretch marks and sit-ups. The fabric dries up 2 times faster than cotton, much better "breathes".

  • Ukraine: New mail is 1-3 working days.
  • Cost: 35 UAH
  • In Russia: The Russian Post is 7-10 working days.
  • Cost: 600 rub
  • Payment system:
  • Money transfers:
  • Anatomical sports cut CoolMAX technology protects the body from overheating and leaving the skin dry
  • Anatomical 3d landing Clothing is created considering the load on the body
  • Exchange and refund The ability to always replace or return a purchase
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Reliability and durability of more than 80 washings