Brand History

"My Athletic Skin" is not just clothing, it is a tool for creating  healthy and beautiful body!

   My name is Maksym Kyrylenko. I started my way in sports when I was 13 years old. Then I set myself the purpose to expand the possibilities of my body, and adored achieving new results. When the sport was still out of fashion, we exercised in a hall with a pair of bars and a bench for the press. But it did not stop me, as I wanted to surround myself with healthy and strong people.

            In the process of working on myself, I began to gain knowledge in business, and doing in for sport helped me in this. Healthy stubbornness, will power and the desire to reach the end - that's what he brought up in me!

   In trying to start my business from scratch, me, like an ordinary guy without acquaintances and connections, began to test many spheres. I passed many tests and gained invaluable experience, which I was able to turn into the foundation of a successful personality and businessman.

            After 4 years of trial and error, analyzing the market, I decided that I desire to make quality sportswear! I listened to the  other opinions and realized that it's very difficult to find a quality and well- looking  sports form nowadays!

  And making the highest quality product in which it will be pleasant to improve your body and which will attract as many people as possible to sport became my aim!

   After 3 years of hard working, on March 1, 2016, I opened the brand "My Athletics Skin".

   Initially, MAS sportswear was focused on the economy segment. We made clothes of the first line from the Italian supplex, which made it possible to provide a wide segment of the population with quality clothing at a low price.

   The first active sales began two months after the production of the first batch. We began to receive a huge number of positive reviews from customers. The most of them noted our high quality, wear resistance and brightness of the models. The brand gradually began to gain popularity.

   The pursuit of excellence, the commitment of customers and the expansion of the target audience segment made it clear that we must raise the quality of products to a new level. Thus, in June 2017, a radical decision to purchase exclusive sports fabrics from Europe was made. It was at this point that the brand moved into the category of Luxury segment.

   The first MAS distributors were opened in Volgograd and Chernivtsi. At the moment, brand goods are being sold in 7 countries of the CIS and Europe, and is conquering new markets.